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New Program Shows How To Help Local Companies
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From: The Wacky Gang

Dear Marketer,

How many times have you worked hard to get a site to the top of the search engines only for Google to change its mind and it disappears, never to be seen again?

How fed up are you getting of struggling to get traffic for a few cents per click or a $2 commission? Hey, if you are really good you might even get $20 or $30 commission, sometimes a bit more!

How would you like to learn how to make $500 to $1000 a sale easily and earn monthly retainers on top of it?

And how would you like to be able to do this without having to cold call or hard sell?

There are hundreds of struggling Internet marketers out there all battling for traffic to promote the best Amazon products or the best Clickbank products. With the tough economic climate, more and more people have turned to the Internet, making it much more competitive.

Many people are finding it tough to make money online now - much tougher than in the past because of these issues.

But what if there was a way by which you didn't need to worry about your Google rank? A way for you to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars with the information you take for granted that is already in your head?

I bet you'd love to find a way to bypass Google and start earning hundreds of dollars a sale?

Are you interested? ...

Start Earning Offline Today!


The Local Mobile Blueprint program has been specially created to help you take a short cut to offline success. You'll learn proven methods of earning from offline companies by marketing mobile friendly solutions.

This step by step program will guide you through everything you need to know to get in touch with offline companies and present them with money making solutions which they will pay you for.

As you know, economic times are tough and companies are looking for an edge to get more leads and more customers. Mobile marketing is that edge! With hundreds of thousands of smartphones sold every day, there is huge potential here for profit, both for you and the companies you work for.

This program takes the approach of selling without selling, which makes it easier for many people who aren't natural born sales people to use. You sell simply by talking to people and sharing information - they then come to you and pay you good money for your knowledge!

There are some excellent earners in this training program used by the big companies with deep pockets every day - methods that many smaller companies don't use because they don't have the means to pay the big bucks. But ... they can pay you and pay you handsomely.

$1000 is nothing for a major consultancy, a drop in the water, if that. But for an offline marketer, $1000 is a good sum of money for a little bit of work. You'll soon learn how to sell solution after solution, and not just for one time payments, but for residual monthly income.

There is a massive market out there of companies who need the information you can provide and it's up to you to give it to them using the knowledge contained in the Local Mobile Blueprint program.

With so much information in here you will be stuck deciding which option to offer your potential clients, but don't worry, we'll show you how to profit from them all without any effort at all!

This is a step by step, proven system that works and will transform your offline marketing business!

Dominate The Offline Market With This Info!

There is massive potential in the offline world with hundreds of companies in your local area desperate for more leads and more customers. Whether they are a pizza place, a manufacturer, a supplier or whatever, they can benefit from your services.

The smartphone market is growing massively with major corporations betting billions of dollars on its success. By helping these companies tap into this marketplace you can help them to increase their profits.

And if you help them increase their profits, guess what? Your profits increase too as they buy service after service from you knowing that you can help them make more money!

This step by step video training program shows you everything you need to know to start helping offline companies benefit from mobile marketing. You will be able to pocket nice checks from them every month as they lap up the services you offer.

Best of all, this program shows you how to build relationships with your clients so that they give you work time after time and your profits continue to increase.

This program has been designed to give you everything you need to know to profit offline by selling mobile marketing solutions - it something every company needs but few know how to do!

Among the many things you will learn in this program are ...

  • How to use Google Places to give your clients a quick boost
  • What works well with Google Places and what doesn't
  • Profiting from the mobile marketing revolution
  • Working with SMS marketing for maximum profit
  • Increasing response rates with QR Codes
  • Getting clients and building solid relationships with them
  • And much much more

These are simple methods that are highly effective and don't require any major technical knowledge or skill. The Local Mobile Blueprint methods work, period. They will get offline companies eating out of your hand, desperate for the knowledge you have that can help them bring in more leads and customers.

No more struggling, it's time for you to start raking in the profits from offline marketing!

Complete Guide To Mobile Marketing Profits

The Local Mobile Blueprint program has been designed to help you profit from selling mobile marketing services to offline companies. It is a complete step by step guide which shows you many different techniques you can use to help these companies and get paid a decent fee at the same time.

Nothing is left out of this program, you will learn everything from what Google Places is, to how to use it, to SMS marketing and more. This program is packed full of tips and advice to help you do business ofline.

When you finish working through this program you will have a complete portfolio of services to offer offline companies to help them generate more leads and improve their businesses. Everything is included in this program including advice from a consultant who used to work for some of the top companies in the world!

By now, you are curious what you will learn in your step by step video course ...


Video 1 - Introduction

  • Learn what is in this step by step training program
  • Discover how you can help local companies earn more from the Internet and profit as you do

Video 2 - Introducing Google Places

  • See what Google Places is and why is it SO vital for any local company
  • Discover the shocking figure of how many local searches are done every day
  • And why this is the future of searches
Video 3 - Setting Up Google Places
  • Learn how you can set up Google Places for maximum effect for your clients
  • Follow through everything your clients need to know to make more money from their Places listing
Video 4 - Getting To The Top Of Google Places
  • See how your clients can benefit from Google Places
  • Learn how you can work with Google Places to help your cleints get more leads and more profit
Video 5 - Going Mobile
  • Learn why mobile marketing is so vital for modern day companies
  • See how Google Places can help your clients make your money
Video 6 - Understanding Your Clients
  • Learn what your clients want and how you can help them to get it
  • Discover how to help your clients maximize their profits from their website
Video 7 - SMS Marketing
  • Profit by helping your clients using SMS marketing
  • Learn how to use SMS marketing effectively
Video 8 - QR Codes
  • Learn how to help your clients from QR Codes
  • Turbo charge marketing for your clients with QR codes
Video 9 - Facebook Fan Pages
  • See why Facebook fan pages are so profitable for small companies
  • Learn a powerful secret for making fan pages work for your clients
Video 10 - Outsourcing
  • Learn how to increase your profits by outsourcing the work
  • Discover the best places to find high quality outsourcers
  • Find out how to make sure you get the best outsourcer for your money
Video 11 - Getting Clients
  • Learn how you can get clients
  • Discover what your clients want and the secret to sealing the deal
  • See why No doesn't necessarily mean no and could mean profits!
Video 12 - Summary
  • Learn how you can take this to the next level to get a full time income from
  • Recap everything you've learnt in this program to ensure your understanding

Unlike many other video programs, you won't find any fluff or filler in this training course. It is 100% pure valuable information that is going to help you massively boost your income.

And of course, we can't leave you with just that when there is even more value we can give you.

Even More Value For You ...

Along with the complete Local Mobile Blueprint video program, you will get each of these bonus items, specially chosen to help you profit from mobile marketing.

Free Bonus Gift #1
Local Mobile Blueprint Special Report
($17 Value)

A special addition to the Local Mobile Blueprint video program with many more tips to help you profit.


Free Bonus Gift #2
Local Mobile Blueprint mp3 Audios
($37 Value)

The whole program in audio format - load them to your mp3 player, take them along with you and listen without sitting at your computer.


Free Bonus Gift #3
Local Mobile Blueprint Transcript
($17 Value)

Follow along with the videos - read the entire transcript in pdf format or print it off for offline reading.


Free Bonus Gift #4
Local Mobile Explosion Video Course
($17 Value)

This complimentary 7-part video series shows you how to quickly tap into QR Codes and use them for your business. You will learn how QR Codes can be used and what benefits they provide you.


Free Bonus Gift #5
Quantum QR Code Generator
($9.97 Value)

Quickly and easily create QR codes with the easy-to-use software.

Many marketers are getting fed up of struggling with Google to get their sites ranked. For many people, it is getting harder and harder to make money from the Internet and they are turning offline with their skills as they realize there is a huge market out there of companies desparate for the information we take for granted - companies that are willing to pay top dollar for the information in your head!

Marketers have been moving offline for the last few years to do business, but with the smartphone revolution generating momentum, there are even more opportunities offline for you to profit.

You can keep doing what you've always been doing and get the same results, or you can do something different and get different results... better results that will help you live the life you've always wanted.

Do you want the same results as in the past or is it time for a change? Time for something new and better?

Time to branch out into offline marketing and see the wild profits you can make from helping local companies use the Internet! Best of all, you can do this without doing very much work at all, as you will find out in this video training program.

The Local Mobile Blueprint program is available now for just $9.97. This program will show you exactly how to help your local companies profit from mobile marketing. Reserve your copy today and get ready for a complete step by step guide to mobile marketing profits!

Yes, Kathe & Denise! I Want To Profit From Local Mobile Marketing!


I want to learn to profit from mobile marketing. Show me the simple step by step methods by which I can profit by helping local companies make more money.


I am acting FAST - please let me take advantage of this wacky offer for just $9.97 before you come to your senses!

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Many marketers find it hard to get started offline marketing, but this program will make it easier for you to do so. With idea after idea on how you can profit from mobile marketing, you will be amazed at the opportunities out there.

In fact, in one video you will see just how easy it is to find potential clients as we demonstrate, live in front of your eyes, some potential clients, found in just a couple of minutes.

With offline marketing you will be able to bypass the battle with Google and create a new stream of income which you will find can be far more profitable than niche sites!

Take action now and reserve your copy of the Local Mobile Blueprint video training program.

The smartphone revolution is changing not only how people access the Internet but how they search for information. Mobile marketing is here to stay and is going to grow in popularity over the next few years. With the popularity of the iPhone, iPad and all the other mobile devices, it's a massive market place that is being hotly contested and defended by the smartphone manufacturers.

The Local Mobile Blueprint program has been specially created as a step by step program to guide you through how to help the companies in your area to profit from this revolution. The potential in this market is huge and you will be able to help these companies get through tough times by helping them profit further from the Internet.

Don't struggle to profit from the offline market, but find many different highly profitable methods to profit from mobile marketing.

Yours in success and profit,

The Wacky Gang

P.S. Take this opportunity now and see your earnings skyrocket as you profit from helping local companies profit from mobile marketing.


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